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Social Security Disability Claims with Disability Claims Clinic

Disability Claims Clinic is a full-service Social Security Disability Insurance and Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance (SSDI and RSDI respectively) advocacy organization representing a wide spectrum of claimants with disabilities in the claims process. The intricate complexities of federal regulations and guidelines to obtain disabilities insurance can be confusing and staying on top of the federal government during the process can be frustrating and time-consuming. You have a life to live -- leave the painstaking process of filing for your disability benefits up to us.

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Why DCC?

Why DCC Can Help When Making Social Security Disability Claims

The process of obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is not easy. Approximately two-thirds (75%) of all initial applications for benefits are denied by the Social Security Administration. At Disability Claims Clinic we specialize in getting qualified clients through the process. We listen to your situation, assess your eligibility for benefits and, if qualified, handle each step of the process for you. Let our experience benefit you.

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